Security roller shutter

WAREMA security roller shutters are available in a sloped model as FR 23 or in a half-round shape as FR 24.

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Max. width

3000 mm
Max. height2500 mm
Max. area5.6 m²
Box size
  • 16
  • 18
  • Crank
  • Motor with torque overload protection
Colours of aluminium partsBox, guide rails and end rails in high-grade powder coating acc. to the RAL Classic colour chart, in DB 701, 702, 703 and 8 textured colours, 4 anodised-look colours and other colours acc. to the WAREMA standard colour chart.

Detailed graphic

  1. Box
    Folded box in 2 box sizes
    Box shapes: rectangular or round
    Closed on four sides with a maximum width of 3000 mm
    Side covers made of aluminium, welded to box
  2. Inspection cover
    Folded, accessible from inside
  3. Guide rails
    Security guide rails made of extruded aluminium, 75 x 52 mm
    Plastic bead
  4. End rail
    Reinforced with additional steel inserts for increased security
  5. Roller shutter curtain
    Roller shutter curtain S 37 made of extruded aluminium, locked
    Powder-coated acc. to the WAREMA colour chart for roller shutter profiles, optionally acc. to RAL Classic colour chart
  6. Shaft
    Octagonal steel shaft, SW 52

Additional images

Reinforced security guide rails
Reinforced security guide rails

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