Renovation roller shutter RE-RO

  • Older building with roller shutters
  • Row home with renovation roller shutters
  • Detached home with renovation roller shutters
  • Commercial building with renovation roller shutters

The WAREMA renovation roller shutter RE-RO is favourable solution in terms of building energy that is built into existing lintel boxes.

The RE-RO is premounted on the new window. Both components can then be mounted in a single step. The facade and inside plaster remain largely unaffected by the replacement.

This fulfils the requirements of the EnEV 2009.

The RE-RO is available in 2 box sizes.

Experience the RE-RO in action - animations and a product film are presented here.


Max. width
  • Aluminium curtain 3000 mm
  • Plastic curtain 2200 mm
Max. height2600 mm (depends on profile)
Max. area
  • Aluminium curtain 6.5 m²
  • Plastic curtain 4 m²
Box heights205/225 mm
Roller shutter curtain
  • Double-walled aluminium: A 36
  • Plastic: K 36, V 36
  • Belt
  • Crank
  • Motor
Standard coloursAluminium curtain in up to 24 colours
Plastic curtain in up to 8 colours
Visible aluminium parts (guide rails, bottom rail) are powder-coated according to the RAL Classic colour chart, as per the WAREMA standard colour chart, or are C0-anodised.

Detailed graphic

Renovation roller shutter
  1. Box/insulating shell
    Polystyrene, 3-part: upper/lower insulating shell and insulating wedge
    Includes reinforcement profiles and cross-connection sections made of extruded aluminium
    The construction meets the energy saving regulations of 2009
  2. Side cover
    Fibreglass reinforced polyamide
  3. Inspection cover (optional)
    Closure on the inside consisting of plastic with bonded insulation
    The use of an inspection cover is necessary in order to achieve the tested heat transfer coefficients
  4. Guide rails
    Extruded aluminium, powder-coated acc. to RAL
    Guide rails optionally available with legs
  5. Bottom rail
    Flat end rail made of aluminium with round stoppers
    Optionally available with two-part 90°-profile end rail
  6. Roller shutter curtain
    Shutter profiles made of aluminium or plastic (see Features)
  7. Shaft
    Octagonal steel shaft SW 52, for all operating types
  8. Insect screen roller blind (optional)
    WAREMA VisionAir gauze made of plastic-coated fibreglass mesh
    Operation with aluminium handle rail
    Brush bead seals blind reliably at the bottom
    Smooth retraction of unit with soft-raise function

Additional images

Renovation roller shutter RE-RO with integrated insect screen roller blind. Can be integrated when ordered or retrofitted.
The insect screen swivel frame is well-suited for frequently used openings, such as balcony and patio doors.
The insect screen swivel frame is well-suited for frequently used openings, such as balcony and patio doors.
Insect screen roller blind with VisionAir gauze
Insect screen swivel frame, one-wing
Insect screen swivel frame, two-wing

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