Insect screen swivel frame

Insect screen swivel frame: ideal for frequently used openings, such as balcony or patio doors. Also available with two wings.

WAREMA roller shutters are optionally available with insect screen swivel frames.

For frequently used passageways such as balcony or patio doors, the swivel frame is a comfortable solution.

The highly transparent VisionAir gauze ensures a clear view to the outside world and optimal air circulation. The insect screen swivel frame can be operated comfortably thanks to the integrated handle rail. With the help of a magnetic catch, the integrated closing aid closes the swivel frame automatically.

Insect screen swivel frames are available for the following roller shutters:

Fixed frames are available in addition to insect screen swivel frames.

Our insect screen products can optionally be covered with a protective grid against pollen or a rugged stainless steel gauze.

Front-mounted roller shutter with insect screen swivel frame
Insect screen swivel frame, two-wing
Cross rail with integrated handle rail
Protection of gauze in lower area by a step profile
Insect screen swivel frame, two-wing
Handle rail
Step profile
Max. width, one-wing1300 mm
Max. width, two-wing2600 mm
Max. height2700 mm
Max. area2.7/5.4 m²
OperationHandle rail
OptionsStainless steel gauze
Colours of aluminium partsSame as roller shutter guide rails
GauzeHighly transparent VisionAir gauze

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