Single-walled slat systems

Single-walled slat systems are particularly suitable for shading large areas. They offer safety and stability, even at high elevations.

Because they contain less aluminium in their construction, they can be used with a particularly high degree of flexibility.

The extruded aluminium profiles are available in all desired shapes and colours and are individually adjusted to the requirements of the particular building.

Slat profiles

With their variety of shapes and colours, the slat profiles offer numerous opportunities for facade design and light guidance.

The slats can be positioned in an overlapping, overhanging, horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Application examples

Slat example 1
Slat example 2
Slat example 3
Slat example 1
Slat example 2
Slat example 3

Fields of application

  • Rigid sun and heat protection systems
  • Facade cladding
  • Weather protection

Construction limit values

Every project is processed and produced on an order-related basis.

The construction limit values are recalculated for each building, taking its location into account.
Outside influences like snow loads, wind speeds and other weather conditions enter into the calculation.


The single-walled slat systems are attached using slat holders. These consist either of plastic or optionally of aluminium.

  • Plastic holder: 30° or 45° angle
  • Aluminium: 45° angle
  • Overhead installation: 60° angle
Plastic holder
Aluminium holder

More information can be found here.

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