Roller blinds - horizontally movable

This WAREMA roller blind is based on roller blind type TR.O.01 or TR.O.04.

The roller blind can be comfortably moved on a running rail using a rod.

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Field of applicationRoller blind for indoor light protection, glare control and visual privacy on side-hung and hopper widows, or on permanent glazing.
OperationRod (for moving laterally) and ball chain (for raising and lowering)
Min. width350 mm (depending on operation)
Min. height200 mm
Max. width1800 mm
Max. height2500 mm
Max. area3.75 m²
Running rail40.5 x 14.4 mm, powder-coated
Max. running rail length6000 mm
Mounting profile55 x 44 mm, powder-coated
Standard colours of aluminium parts

Powder coating of aluminium parts with chrome-free pre-treatment acc. to the RAL Classic colour chart (except for camouflage and luminous colours), or in DB 701, 702, 703 and in eight textured colours (W4914 - W4921), four anodisation-like colours (WC31 - WC34) and additional colours acc. to the WAREMA standard colour chart (with the WAREMA colour specification).

Other colour specifications and special colours are available on request at an extra charge.

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