Wind/photo/radio clock sensor

Sensor for the detection of wind speed and brightness for four directions with an integrated radio receiver (DCF-77). The sensor is connected to a sun shading control system and enables the light- and wind-dependent control of sun shading products such as awnings and external venetian blinds. The sensor is mounted outside by means of a fixing bracket. In addition, a radio clock receiver is integrated in the sensor. The Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig (PTB) sends coded time signals via the Mainflingen transmitter close to Frankfurt/Main, Germany. The radio receiver receives these signals and transmits them to the sun shading control system, thus ensuring that your sun shading control system is always set to the right time and is automatically changed between daylight saving and standard time and back.

Suitable for:

Please note that a photo adapter is needed to connect to the LONSE (see art. no. below)

Technical data (product-related)Typ. value
Operating voltage12 V DC
Measured variable/measuring range:
Photo:0 - 99 klx
Wind:0.5 - 25 m/s
Angular coverage:360° (4 photo cells)
Radio clock:DCF77

Fixing bracket/pole

Article descriptionArticle number
Wind/photo/radio clock sensor (3m line length)623 021
Wind/photo/radio clock sensor (10m line length)623 036
Fixing set (pipe installation)1003 080
Adapter (for connection to LON sensor unit)628 034
Wind/Photo/Radio Clock Sensor User/Installation Instructions890577_x.pdf
Information Sheet - Pipe Installation Fixing Set816505_x.pdf
CE conformity declarations
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CE Declaration /
Declaration of Conformity

Operating and installation instructions

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WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드
WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드

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에너지 절약

햇빛 가리개 시스템로 에너지 절약증가된 효율성 - CO2 감소
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