Photo sensor (180°)

Sensor for measuring the outside brightness (angular coverage: 180°).

It is used to control internal blinds. The sensor is connected to a sun shading control system (e.g. Wisotronic dialog, Quatronic dialog) and enables the light-dependent control of sun shading products such as internal and external venetian blinds and pleated blinds. It is mounted on a fixing bracket that is then attached to the facade on the outside.

Suitable for:

Technical data (product-related)Typ. value
Operating voltage12 V DC
Measured variable/measuring range
Photo:0 - 99 klx
Angular coverage:180°
Installation:Fixing bracket
Article descriptionArticle number
Photo sensor 180623 016
Photo Sensor 180° User/Installation Instructions 890502_x.pdf
Operating and installation instructions

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WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드
WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드

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