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On the following pages we are going to show you reference projects from all of our product ranges. Construction projects we have completed are also showcased in detail in the WAREMA object reports/case studies which appear at regular intervals.

Find out about individual solutions and collect new ideas and suggestions for your projects here.

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External venetian blinds & roller shutters
Front-mounted external venetian blinds, top-mounted external venetian blinds for new buildings, asymmetrical external venetian blinds, design external venetian blinds, wind-stable external venetian blinds, daylight technology (TLT), solar external venetian blinds, external venetian blinds with dim-out slats [...] front-mounted roller shutters, top-mounted roller shutters, combination roller shutters, asymmetrical roller shutters, solar-powered roller shutters, WAREMA Visio [...]


Textile external sun shading systems
Window awnings, articulated arm and cassette awnings, drop-arm awnings, conservatory awnings, vertical awnings, markisolettes, side and canopy awnings


Internal sun shading systems
Venetian blinds, vertical louvre blinds, roller blinds, conservatory roller blinds, curtain panels, glass profile roller blind, object roller blind, ceiling roller blind


Control systems
Sun shading control systems, WAREMA climatronic®, KNX technology, LonWorks® technology, EWFS - Standardised WAREMA Radio System, WMS - WAREMA Mobile System


Partnerships & collaborations

WICONA designs & WAREMA sun shading system
Innovative facades need innovative sun shading systems! To avoid the interface between facade and sun shading system becoming a problem zone, the designs are perfectly matched.

WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드
WAREMA 차양 시스템 계획 가이드

영어 차양 시스템 계획 가이드 앱
차양 시스템 계획 가이드

에너지 절약
에너지 절약

햇빛 가리개 시스템로 에너지 절약증가된 효율성 - CO2 감소
에너지 절약 정보

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